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taken 8/4/07

Courtney and her kids

Courtney and her kids
taken 8/4/07

Thursday, October 4, 2007


I just received the following information from Michelle Miller:

BLOOD DRIVE: Friday October 12th 8am - 4pm at the Roanoke Recreation Center. Please email Maclaine Robinson at to schedule a time to donate. Walk-ins are welcome, but if you're busy and need a specific time, email Maclaine and request a time that meets your schedule. Friday is a half day from school so please schedule accordingly. All the blood donated provides credits for Courtney's needs. Thank you to our city councilman, Kevin Stillwell, our city manager, Jimmy Stathatos, and to Ronnie Angel and Mike Arndt of the Recreation Center for offering the Recreation Center and for your assistance.

Celebrate Roanoke: (<-click for details) October 13th there will be a booth with information on Courtney at the corner of Oak and Travis from 9am to 7pm. Come by and buy a Courtney's Angels t-shirt to benefit the medical fund for Courtney. Donation boxes will be set up in different spots around the festival as well. If you would like to help Marilyn Walser make donation boxes or help her at the booth that Saturday, please email her at Click here for info about the t-shirt.

Garage Sale: October 13th hosted at the home of Emily Luna-Llanes in the Lost Creek neighborhood - 3408 Bandera Ranch. Contact Emily at to volunteer to help.

Garage Sale: October 20th hosted at the home of Laura Fillmore in the Trophy Club neighborhood 558 Indian Creek Drive. Contact Allison to volunteer to help at

Courtney's Angels Fund: with Bank of America. Go into any Bank of America and have them look up the Courtney's Angels account for you or give them acct #488009937521. If you'd like to transfer money, use routing # 111000025.

I am very grateful to live in the community of Roanoke. It is nice to see the town, the school and the churches pull their resources together to help a family as wonderful as the Flynn family during their time of need.

Michelle Miller
I am at a loss for words to describe how grateful we are for all of the support we've received during this ordeal. I think I may actually wear out the word 'Thank-you' if that's possible. There really aren't enough ways to say or express gratitude. Please know that we are eternally grateful for everything. . .except for maybe the leukemia.


comical5 said...

Courtney -
I hope you are having a better morning and that your fever has gone down. We don't envy your position, so everyone is enjoying doing what they can to help!

Just a side note for the people reading the blog, my email address is The email listed on the blog was incorrect. If you have stuff for the garage sale on Oct 12th/13th, we are still taking donations(clothes, toys, etc.) Please pass the word along to your friends!

** We love you Courtney and Todd. Hang in there!!

Anonymous said...

Todd, I think I can speak on behalf of everyone that is helping. First, You are Welcome but there is no need to try to Thank Everyone, this is what a true community and friends are about. Just stay strong, Courtney and your children will need that. If there is anything you need that is not being taken care of then let me know. I live at 1304 Riverside Rd.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

The Stillwells


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