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taken 8/4/07

Courtney and her kids

Courtney and her kids
taken 8/4/07

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day 2 Consolidation

This is the Consolidation Chemotherapy plan:
Days 1, 3 and 5 Courtney will receive two doses of Ara-c (Cytarabine) separated by 12 hours. Days 2 and 4 she will sit around and do nothing – as far as chemotherapy is concerned. She will probably do a lot of talking. She’s always been easy to talk to, but lately she’s been especially chatty. It’s been a lot of fun just listening to her. I wish I didn’t have to work, so I could spend more time with her. But I’m grateful for the nights that I’ve been able to stay with her and grateful to my mom for helping taking care of the kids and the house so I can have this time with Courtney.

So, today was chemotherapy free once the 2nd dose finished early this morning. She had a really good day, with the exception of some headaches. Hopefully that will be the worst of her stay here, and hopefully they won’t last much longer. Her next dose of chemotherapy begins tomorrow at noon. Each dose takes about 3 hours to administer. So far, not so bad.


comical5 said...

Glad to see the staff seems to be on the ball and the hospital is a little more fresh and updated. Hopefully this will be a quick stay and you can get back to your kids! Todd, you are right about your mom. She is so awesome to step in and help out with the kids and home!!

Marla said...

Glad it's going well so far! Lots of prayers coming your way!

Amy said...

It is good to hear that UTS is treating you nicely. Our family continues to pray for you and your family during this time. We are all praying that you get through this round of chemo without too many harse side effects.
Much love...and you know if you ever need an ear to listen to your stories I am so there:)

Susette said...

UT has proved to be the best choice. I am glad your PICC line went in without any problems, and that your Docs are pushy enough to get things done. We will pray you stay fever free, so you can come home soon.

Erin & Brandon said...

Zale Lipshy is a very nice hospital. Brandon had his back surgery there in Feb and stayed several days. Staff and facility quite nice. Glad to hear your stay has improved. Praise God for a much better picc line experience! Praying that you are limited to just this week in hospital. Much love, thoughts & prayer...

Amy and Matt said...

Hey Courtney,
It was really nice talking to you the other day. I feel inspired by your perspective and attitude about everything. Please know that we're still thinking about you constantly and hope that this round of treatment goes as smooth as possible. We love you!


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