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taken 8/4/07

Courtney and her kids

Courtney and her kids
taken 8/4/07

Monday, October 8, 2007

Day 17 - Mini Makeover Day

I don’t know this first hand, but apparently, when you spend a lot of time in a hospital bed, it’s nice to have short manageable hair as opposed to long hair that’s easily tangled and requires extra maintenance. That’s why Courtney asked a friend to come to the hospital and cut her hair. It took a few days to coordinate schedules, but Courtney was finally able to get the hair cut she’s been dreaming of…for the last five days. I love it and she does too. Thank you Angela!

As for the reason she’s in the hospital, nothing has really changed. We’re well into the watch and wait phase of the treatment. Her WBC’s are 100 and she had a few monocytes show up. Dr. Jordan said this could indicate that her bone marrow may be coming back online. Overall, she had a really good day. While the medications make her somewhat loopy, they seem to really help keep the nausea at bay. Unfortunately, she’s not 100% free of the intestinal discomfort. That’s her main source of discomfort for the time being. And one more thing Dr. Jordan mentioned was that she’s likely on the downward trend of chemo side effects as they slowly dissipate from her body. Hopefully that means the worst is truly behind her.


Amy said...

Your haircut looks fabulous girl!
Megan wanted me to tell you that she hopes you feel better. She prays for you every night....the first couple of times she kept calling you Miranda's mom, but she now says your whole name. Hope you are able to get a good nights sleep tonight.

comical5 said...

You look really cute with shorter hair!!
Emily & Kelsi

Anonymous said... it your! i have always thought you had the perfect face for a cute trendy short hair cut! i hope your tummy troubles ease up, but our praying won't! we love ya, and i hope you know that even though we don't see you everyday, you stillmeant a whole heck of a lot to me!


Bryner Family said...

Looks great! You always have the cutest hairstyles and they all work on you! Yes, I'm jealous. I hope the dr is right and the yuckiness is on its way out!

Emily R said...

looks BEAUTIFUL!!! Love it!!!! hope you are going to start feeling (at least a little) better soon! sounds like things are looking up!!! hope your tummy issues get better, and we hope you can get some rest!!!

Cheryl said...

Hey Girl,
Your haircut is cute!!:)
Just wanted you to know we are thinking of you. Can't wait till you get to come home!
Love and Miss Ya!
Cheryl, Cobi, Preston & Adyson

Amy said...

Wow. How is it possible that you still look beautiful even after everything you've been through? I hope today is a good day.
We love you!
Amy and Matt

Bea said...

I love the new do! The Ford Modeling Agency will be calling any day now :)

crys said...

Hair looks awesome! I know you are so ready to be home. Can't wait to hear that you are back and a happy family again. So glad you aren't too sick. Hope you have better nights.

Amie said...

Your hair looks so cute!! Hope you have a good night sleep.

Always in my prayers,
Amie Howard


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