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taken 8/4/07

Courtney and her kids

Courtney and her kids
taken 8/4/07

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Day 22

Despite the fact that Courtney had a miserable day, by her own account, and that Emma woke up still battling a stomach bug, it was an amazing day. Again, I only wish Courtney could experience all that is happening outside the hospital to support her.

The day started off with a visit from a neighbor I hardly knew, who had come over to mow my lawn. Thank you Jay! That allowed us to get of the house a little earlier so we could head over to Celebrate Roanoke before Aidan’s nap. There we were able to stop by the tables set up for Courtney’s behalf. Thank you to all those who pitched in and helped organize that and to the many who contributed. I nearly broke down in tears witnessing the love and support expressed by so many. Aidan especially liked the little basketball game. The girls thought it was neat seeing pictures of them with Courtney on the donation cans at several of the vendors’ booths.

We were also able to visit the garage sale at the Luna-Llanes’ home. Thank you to them and the Goodrich’s and everyone who helped support that as well! I couldn’t believe all the stuff they had, and apparently that wasn’t half of it. Truly amazing. Being able to enjoy these moments is somewhat bittersweet. I find myself feeling guilty for having a fun and enjoyable day with the children, knowing that Courtney is suffering miserably in a hospital room that she’s been confined in for three weeks. However, I know she wants nothing more than for our kids to be able to enjoy the same activities they would be doing if she never got sick. I know it makes her happy to know they’re doing well and having fun, albeit with remorse that she can’t be with them.

As for her current condition, she’s sleeping well at the moment. She’s still battling the intestinal discomfort and hair loss that have been going on for about four days now. But now she has to endure an achy back and fluid retention as well. As if she didn’t have enough to deal with already. It seems, though, that today was slightly better than yesterday. So, let’s all pray that the worst is truly behind us.

Here's an awesome slideshow courtesy of Amy Pennington!


comical5 said...

Todd, It was great to see you and the kids! I am glad that you were able to take them out and have a somewhat normal day. I am sorry Courtney couldn't be there, but I know she would want her kids to have a fun day. We had a successful garage sale weekend! We raised $1,370! I know in the coming weeks you will need that money. Thanks to everyone that helped make that possible!

We hope today is a good day for you Courtney!
Love, Emily, Roberto & kids

Amy said...

Hey Courtney,
It is wonderful to here that you are sleeping decent over the last few nights. Sorry to hear about your achy back and fluid retention. I sure hope you can feel all the prayers of love and support coming your way from all the kind folks in Roanoke. They sure love you!

Yesterday a woman walked by the booth and was looking at the pictures we had displayed of you and your family. Then she took a double take and said "Is that Courntey the woman married to Todd Flynn?" I told her yes and she said she used to be your downstairs neighbor at the apartments. She sends her thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

Our family send our love to you!
Amy, Doug, and Miss Megan

Anonymous said...

Courtney sleep is the best medication so I am glad you are sleeping better. I have never seen Todd beside his work clothes for Dannon so seeing him with all of your great kids I had to do a double take.
God Bless

Meredith said...

Courtney I hope you are having a better day today, it's no fun being so sick day in and day we will keep on praying that every day will get a little better for you! Hang in there!

Ben, Meredith, & Sydney

Anonymous said...

Dear Todd,

I'm sad to hear that Courtney isn't feeling very well, but it is really encouraging to see how everyone is doing what they can to help you guys out. We'll keep you in our prayers. I wish we lived closer so we could help you out more. As the old saying goes, "tough times don't last, but tough people do." Hang in there.

Ron Flynn


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