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taken 8/4/07

Courtney and her kids

Courtney and her kids
taken 8/4/07

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Day 19 - Better than Day 18

She smiled today. When I left her just after noon today, she had a smile on her face and said she felt good. That alone is an indication that her day was a better one. Here's what her sister Kelley had to say:

Hey everyone! I wanted to let you know....we are not avoiding calls! Sorry! I think just about everyone called today....and we were ASLEEP. :) Yup...great sleep. Courtney is feeling 100% better today and we took advantage of taking naps.

We are just getting up and will go for a walk before dinner. So...if you call this evening, we should be awake and answering the phone.

They stopped her heavy duty antibiotic (she is still on one) and switched some meds up a we are really hoping the worst is over. She probably will still have some stomach problems...but hopefully not as bad. This is day 14 since the chemo started. So...she is either right on the hump or just starting the other side of it! That is good.

Her counts were good: .1 WBCs, and her platelets and hemoglobin were high enough she did not need any blood products. She probably will tomorrow...but for today we are enjoying it. Everything else was pretty much the same. The doctor said we may see some blasts pop up during the recovery phase and not to worry...that does happen and does not mean anything. I really like Dr. Jordan's partner! So...that is my afternoon update! Going to get something to drink and we are going to take it easy.

love you. Kelley

Emma had a fever when I went to bed last night so I had her sleep with me. I let her sleep in, but since she was feeling fine and had no fever, I took her to school. Then, when I got home from work she had a fever again but still said she was feeling fine. She looked tired and felt warm so I laid her in our bed. Shortly thereafter she threw up. Apparently this is the 'feel good' virus. Usually vomiting causes a lot of crying, but, oddly enough, she laughed in the shower as the vomit was washed off her. Then she started singing, "What will you wear Jenny Jenkins?" I didn't even know she knew the words to the song. It was very cute, and I was glad she wasn't 'feeling' sick despite obviously being sick.

Unfortunately, being around and caring for sick children necessitates that I take extra precautions with regards to my visits to Courtney. So, the surest way of keeping whatever germs I have from being transferred to Courtney is to not visit her at all. That's easier said than done. The extra bed in her hospital room isn't nearly as comfortable as our bed at home, but I would give anything to be with her each day and night, even if that meant sleeping on the floor. Well, anything except leaving a sick child at home without a parent. I gotta go. A smiling Emma just came from her room covered in you know what.


Anonymous said...

I haven't posted before because it's too hard to go from talking on the phone with Courtney everyday to postings on the blog but tonight I had to. Nathan started throwing up at 9 and we hope it has ended. Let's blame this on Melissa. Courtney and I always did. And, I'm glad Courtney's better and that she has her sister there with her.


Bryner Family said...

That Emma sure is a sweetie! Just like her mom! SO glad you had a good day. Thanks for the great update!

Anonymous said...

i am also very grateful courtney had a good day. todd, you are an awesome dad and husband! my neighbor asked me how you were with the kids, like, on no, the husband has to watch the kids? i told her you were great, and see you are! tell courtney i said hi. i want so bad to talk to her, but i dont want to bother her. so please tell her chris and i am always thinking of her!
and hug little emma.

Amy said...

It is so good to hear you had a good day. Hopefully lil' Emma will be over her tummy bug soon. Thanks for keeping us continue to be in our every prayer and thought.

P.S. I picked up the Courtney's Angels t-shirts bright and early this morning.

Valerie said...

I'm glad to hear Courtney had a better day. Todd, thanks for keeping the blog have a great way of expressing yourself and you can just tell the kind of person you are...a really good husband and father.

Anonymous said...

It was so nice seeing you, Todd and all four of your beautiful kids on Monday at McDonald's. It was so nice to meet your sister and her husband. I miss you Courtney and your smile.
The blog is great. Hope Emma is well now and that the others don't get what she has/had.
You are in my thoughts and my prayers. Let me know if you need a story.

Love, miss ann


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