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taken 8/4/07

Courtney and her kids

Courtney and her kids
taken 8/4/07

Saturday, October 27, 2007

I would have to say, and Courtney is sitting here agreeing with me, that today is the best day she’s had, physically and emotionally, since September 15th, when she first started feeling sick. She was up and about quite a bit, as witnessed by many of our friends we were able to see at our church’s Trunk or Treat.

The Trunk or Treat has become somewhat of a tradition for us. Each year around Halloween, families gather and park in the church parking lot and hand out candy to trick or treaters as they walk from car to car. We really enjoy it as it’s a safe and easy way for kids to trick or treat. You don’t have to worry about crossing streets, about strangers, or about dark houses. And everybody is home. And with cars only separated by a foot or two, the kids can hit a lot more cars in an hour than they ever could houses. This year the Trunk or Treat was especially great, since it allowed Courtney the opportunity to see the kids in their costumes and be with them trick or treating before she has to go back to hospital where she will be when Halloween actually comes around.

So, here’s the revised plan:
• Monday, October 29th, Courtney will be admitted to the hospital for five days of consolidation chemotherapy. Her doctor expects her to be released from the hospital on Saturday if all goes well.
• Next Friday, November 2nd, we should find out if any of Courtney’s other siblings are matches for a stem cell transplant.
• About four weeks after her consolidation treatment, Courtney will go to the Bone Marrow Transplant clinic for a couple days of physical examination, where they will make sure she is physically and emotionally fit for the transplant.
• If she passes her physical, she gets to play ball, and about a week later she’ll be admitted to the hospital for hopefully the last time.
• Eight days after admission and after a few days of more chemotherapy, Courtney will actually receive the stem cell transplant, which is more or less a blood transfusion.
• After the actual transplant, she will experience a couple of weeks similar to what she experienced after receiving her first round of chemotherapy (the induction chemotherapy.)
• Two to three weeks after the transplant, when her bone marrow is back to working properly and her WBC’s are back to normal, Courtney will be discharged from the hospital for the last time!

So, if you look at your calendars and follow the above timing, she will likely be in the hospital through Christmas, but coming out sometime before or after New Year’s. Courtney keeps saying she’s looking forward to starting 2008 cancer free! What a great blessing that would be!

We know for a fact that prayers work and have been answered throughout this entire process. We are again so thankful for the countless blessings that have come to us by way of so many wonderful friends and family members. We truly couldn't have made it this far so easily without all of the prayers and support. Thank you again!

Here are some pics from tonight!


Jenny said...

It was so great to see you! I've been feeling so bad about not coming to visit, but us and the Dendys have been passing around colds for weeks and I didn't want to pass any of those germs on! You are just so amazing, I knew this wasn't going to let you know and I was right!

Meredith said...

Courtney it was so fabulous to see you at the Trunk-or-treat tonight and especially to see you smiling and happy and with your family. It made my day! :) We'll be praying for you next week as you start your next round of chemo!

Amy said...

Hey Courtney,
It was such a treat seeing you and the family tonight:) My thoughts and prayers are with you in the coming week as you start another round.
Hugs to you!
P.S. Those pictures are precious...I am going to forward on the ones I have from tonight too!

Vicki said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. The kids looked adorable in their costumes and Courtney looks great. It was so good to see you all smiling and having a good time. We're so happy that Tracey is a match. I hear that sibling donors are the best. Hopefully, one of the others will work out too. We'll continue praying as you head into the next round of chemo. Love, Ron and Vicki

Marlane said...

Love your family picture-- you look so happy to be together. So glad you get to be home for a minute and sleep in your own bed and kiss your kids.
Love you, Marlane and crew

Emily R said...

i was SOOO happy to see you there! you look great. you really seemed SO HAPPY, and i think everyone there was THRILLED that you are doing so well! we are praying for you to be cancer free in 2008! how awesome would that be! WOW! i hope you can keep your spirits up as you go through more treatments this week.

Marla said...

What a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing the pics, and Courtney, you absolutely amaze me. Your beautiful smile has never looked better! Many prayers coming your way for this week's treatment. Take care!
Marla and the crew

David and Ashley said...

the pictures are adorable! I want to see more!!! Love you guys and hope to come back to visit again soon. Call me if you need anything.
Love ya'll!!! ~Ash
p.s. Are the kids getting sick of mom yet? Haha, jk

Leisha said...

I just saw some pics over on Amy's blog and was delighted to see Courtney's pretty face amongst them! I wish we had been there to see you! xoxo The Mareths

Anonymous said...

What a joy to see a smiling Courtney with the kids !!!


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