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taken 8/4/07

Courtney and her kids

Courtney and her kids
taken 8/4/07

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Day 16 - Restless Nights

Hospitals are not easy places to rest, especially when you’re sick, which I suppose would be almost always, if you’re sleeping in a hospital. First, you have your own discomfort to deal with. Of course, if you’re sick, you probably have discomfort of some kind. In Courtney’s case it’s been one after another – sore throat when admitted, surgery soreness, intestinal pain and blockage due to pain medication (kind of ironic), nausea from the chemo, dry lips and mouth from the chemo, more intestinal problems (this time from the antibiotics), fever, sore back from sleeping awkwardly and anxiety to top it all off. So, needless to say, she’s become very grateful for sleeping medications and pain medications and anti-nausea medications and anti-anxiety medications and anti-intestinal discomfort medications and chapstick.

Second, there are frequent interruptions. The nurses come in at odd hours to check your vitals, because, well they’re vital. They also come in at 4:00AM to take blood so they can have results early in the day. Your bladder interrupts your sleep, because when you’re hospitalized, you’re constantly administered IV fluid. And what fluids go in must come out. The IV pumps wake you up when their irritating alarm sounds because there’s air in the line, or the line has been crimped or the bag has emptied or for no apparent reason at all. Sometimes they just like to beep…but only at night.

Also, Doctors seem to enjoy visiting at the most inopportune times. In Courtney’s case it’s when she’s showering or sleeping. For instance, the infectious disease doctor decided to arrive this morning at 8:20. Now this may not seem so early, but when you have all the above conspiring together to prevent you from sleeping soundly, sleeping past 8:20 becomes very desirable. Anyway, the doctor didn’t seem to provide any new or valuable information other than to say it’s good that she doesn’t still have a fever and that he’ll be checking in on her from time to time, i.e. disturbing her sleep from time to time. But we’re grateful to have another doctor looking out for harmful infections.

So, other than the lack of adequate and sound rest and the aforementioned discomforts and a short nose bleed, Courtney had an OK day. I think, however, she’d rather be at home, Leukemia free. We can only hope for, pray for and look forward to that glorious day.


comical5 said...

Sorry you are having such restless nights. Courtney, I remember having a conversation with you a couple months ago about traveling and how much you miss your own bed. I bet you miss it that much more, now. Soon enough, you will be back home and have your comfy bed and be so grateful for it!

We are glad Aidan had a good birthday and that you got to celebrate with him. Make sure you take lots of pictures. These will make some fun scrapbooking pages later!

Hope today is a positive one! We will be thinking about you.

Love, Emily, Roberto, Kelsi, Jordan and Mareena

Julie said...

I was in the hospital for just over 2 months last year, so I FEEL you. Just want you to know that I pray for you often. And pray for extra protection over your precious babies. That someday, this will be part of their journey to a lifetime with Jesus. Continue your witness.
Julie in VA

Erin & Brandon said...

Quite a humorous entry today - anyone who's stayed any length of time in a hospital knows all that to be very true. My c-sections were that very experience...restless nights, horrible timing with docs/nurses...funny.

Bless your heart, Courtney. We will ALL rejoice with you when you get back home. We pray with hope, faith & anticipation. He alone is faithful... Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Faith and Ben are praying for you too - even when we ask them to pray alone, they mention you...

Much love and prayers,
brandon, erin, faith & ben

Amy said...

Hey girly,
Hospital stays are never fun at all. Too bad you can't put that sign on your door to say "no vitals" at night. That was a lifesaver during some of my experiences. I hope and pray that you will be feeling better soon!
cyberhugs sent your way XOXOXOXOXO

Amie said...

Sorry your sleep is so often interrupted by the doctors. Glad to hear that your fever is gone. Hope you can get some sleep tonight. You and your family is in my thoughts and prayers always.

Amie Howard

Emily R said...

i am so sorry about the restless nights... although, you have to laugh at the same time. ahhhh hospitals! if they were relaxing and soothing and fun, more people would go for their 'spa' weekends...

anyways, hope you can stay optimistic and happy even in the midst of this trial... you are so awesome, and so many people love you and are praying for you!


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