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taken 8/4/07

Courtney and her kids

Courtney and her kids
taken 8/4/07

Friday, October 19, 2007

Day 28 - Remission!!

This morning Courtney had bone marrow biopsy #2. The first one was done almost four weeks ago to help us determine what type of AML Courtney has. Today's was done to tell us whether or not the chemotherapy put Courtney into remission. We found out earlier this evening that it did!!

The pathologist had actually told us that we probably wouldn’t have results until tomorrow, but Dr. Jordan’s partner came in with the results this evening. The timing of this news came as a big surprise – one we welcomed with open arms.

The biopsy, while obviously painful for Courtney, went quite smoothly. She was able to get some rest afterward. Later in the afternoon, Courtney had her Hickman catheter removed. The doctor was going to numb the area a little before pulling it out, but after seeing that it might come out easily, he just gave it a good tug and out it came. So, for the first time in four weeks, Courtney is sleeping tube free. She has absolutely nothing attached to or hanging from her body. After weeks of trying to sleep through nights with incessantly beeping IV pumps, I’m sure Courtney is relishing the thought of a restful night free of disturbance. I’m sure her sister, Tracy, is too.

Speaking of Tracy, she went to the bone marrow transplant clinic in Dallas to have blood drawn to check to see if she is a match for Courtney. Since Courtney hasn’t been to the clinic, Tracy took four vials of Courtney’s blood with her. She was told the process of determining whether or not her marrow is a match to Courtney’s could take a full week. It’s nice to finally of the process of finding a donor moving forward. Thank you Tracy!!

Truly amazing. After one simple phone call last night, 10 women from our church showed up at 11:00 this morning to help clean and sanitize our house. They did a tremendous job in just a little over an hour. The house acutally smelled like a swimming pool (I love that smell) when I got home! Once again we are grateful beyond description for the love and support we’ve received these past four weeks.

Four weeks!! Exactly four weeks ago today, Courtney was diagnosed with Leukemia. Today she found out she is in remission. We can’t believe it’s actually been that long. While each day has been rather lengthy, the weeks have seemingly flown by. Though we are along way from being done with this, we feel like we’ve taken a giant step forward in the right direction! Thank you for answered prayers!!

After some discussion with her Doctor, it was decided that Courtney would wait until Monday to go home. Courtney is actually relieved to have a couple of extra days to recover before going home. These two days will give her a chance to gain more strength physically and emotionally before being removed from awesome care of the doctors and nurses. After four weeks, we can wait a couple of extra days. Especially days without beeping IV machines.


Anonymous said...

Courtney and Todd, I don't know you personally, but we used to live in the Meadows. I've read your blog daily since Day 1. Your love for each other and your faith in God is a true inspiration to everyone. The way your family, friends, church members and the community have pulled together to support you is just awesome. I have prayed for you every day, and I am SO happy to hear your Leukemia is now in remission and you will soon be home. YAY! You and your beautiful family will remain in my prayers.
Cindy Hayre

Jenny said...

This is the best news I could have ever heard this morning! I was up late working on things for today's bake sale and as I woke up a little groggy early this morning my motivation for getting myself out of bed was "This is all for Courtney!". It's not hard to do when it's someone like her. Congratulations, I'm so excited that you get to come home!

Marla said...

YAY!! What wonderful news!! I pray you have a restful weekend and we'll look forward to news that you are home with your family soon. Take care!!

Anonymous said...

Since we met you last Saturday at the Roanoke Festival your family has been on our minds alot! We pray for Courtney, Todd, and the children at every meal, family and personal prayer. How exciting that you get to go home, and we'll pray that your time there can be restful and as peaceful as you can hope for with lots of fun children in the house.

Thank you for allowing us to share in your lives.

Johansen Family

comical5 said...

Courtney we are so glad that you get to come home soon. Last week Kylie was telling me with such excitement that mommy might be able to come home by Halloween. That will be so great for you to be home and see all of them in their cute costumes.

Enjoy the next couple of "beep free" days!

Love, Emily & fam

Amy said...

Yay...for the first of many celebrations of fighting off this disease..I am sure! Congrats on the big news! Have a terrific week at home with that precious family of yours. Let us know if you need anything. We never stop praying for you and your fam!

crys said...

i knew it!! I just knew you would be in remission soon. I am SO happy I can't even tell you. This is the best news. My husband was so excited to hear it. I am so looking forward to hearing how the reunion goes with the kids. I can't imagine and I bet you look beautiful despite the hair loss. That said, I can only sympathize how hard that must have been. I remember every detail of the moments when I had to shave Alexa's hair. But now we can start the countdown for when it comes back- because it SO will. . . REMISSION!!!!!

Alissa said...

Todd and Courtney, Glad to hear the great news. I love you all very much! You are both truly amazing...


Vicki said...

The news that you are in remission was the best we could have received. We are so happy! Have a great weekend and enjoy not being hooked up to anything. Love, Ron and Vicki


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