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taken 8/4/07

Courtney and her kids

Courtney and her kids
taken 8/4/07

Sunday, September 23, 2007

End of Day 2

Courtney finally got to see the kids for the first time since Friday morning. Everyone handled it really well. The kids especially had fun wearing the doctor masks and playing with inflated latex gloves. They can find joy anywhere! We explained to them that Courtney will probably have to be here for a while and that they will be spending the week with friends. Less than 10 minutes after arriving home, Kylie came to me asking for a larger suitcase because her 7 days worth of outfits, pajamas, and her Sunday dress wouldn’t fit in her backpack. She packs like her mother! Anyone who’s seen us travel knows how prepared we are, and that’s all thanks to Courtney. I’d be lucky if we got out the door with everyone wearing shoes. That reminds me; I brought Aidan to the hospital barefoot.

Courtney also finally had her failed PICC line surgically removed (something unheard of around here) and had Hickman Catheter surgically installed…twice. The doctor used the words “interesting” and “unusual” when describing the procedures. First, the PICC line had somehow managed to tie itself in a knot! That’s why they couldn’t manually pull it out of her. Imagine threading a tiny tube the thickness of a string into another tube the thickness of yarn and pushing it through along a guide wire. Now, imagine if someone told you they could do this and, in the process, tie it a knot. Impossible you would say. Well, I’m a witness. I swear (like the audience member who swears there are no trap doors or strings) that tube was not tied in a knot before it went into Courtney! Apparently miracles do happen. I think it’s a sign. Someday we’ll look back at this and know why it happened.

Second, they installed the Hickman Catheter, after which someone (probably a nurse), logged some information (probably serial number, lot number, expiration date, etc) regarding the catheter. Well, she noticed the catheter had passed its “use by” date! (Another thing unheard of around here, or so I hope) Apparently companies only guarantee sterility for so long. So out with the old and in with the new. Only the best for Courtney! We’re just glad it was only a catheter and not an artificial heart. I’m not sure we’ll ever know why this happened.

One other “funny” thing about today – they actually came in before her surgery to draw blood so they could determine her blood type! Since Friday alone, that was only two days ago, they have collected no less than 18 vials of blood from Courtney, with needles being inserted no less than 7 times! All of this to analyze her blood. And all of this after they told her that they wanted to poke and cut her as little as possible since her immune system is so weak. You would think that at some point they could have used a few drops of any one of those samples to determine her type. Also, Courtney delivered Emma at this hospital, at which time they checked her blood type. Surely they have that on record. I don’t think your blood changes types over time; but then again, as noted earlier, miracles do happen.

Courtney is resting well now, grateful I’m sure, that the day is over. Tomorrow is a big day. “First thing” in the morning will be her bone marrow biopsy. Apparently, “first thing” in hospital terminology means “sometime in the late afternoon”. Hopefully that only applies to weekends. Then, we should get a better indication as to which type of AML we’re fighting against. I don’t think it really matters, cause Courtney will beat any of them. If the type is confirmed, the full blown chemotherapy could start tomorrow afternoon. It’s hard waiting for this. It feels like we know where our enemies are coming from, but we just have to know what kind of shields they’re using before we can fire back with the big guns; all the while knowing that they continue to inflict damage. So, the sooner we can fight back the better!

One more note: Courtney on drugs – As I’m holding the computer for her so she can read all of the wonderful messages from you all, she asks why I’m “squishing it.” When I ask the obvious question, “Squishing what?” she responds, “The cake.” I’m not sure if that was an inside joke I was supposed to get, but I laughed anyway.


Lisa Turner said...

Hi Courtney! You don't know me, and honestly I don't remember how I found your blog. Know my prayers are with you and your family. My heart just sank, my eyes swelled up like crazy, but you sound like a very strong person. I'm so glad you have so much support, and so many people that love you. Heavenly Father knows how much you can handle, and I'm so glad you were able to get a priesthood blessing. Isn't amazing what a blessing can do for us. Good luck with everything. I'll keep checking your blog to see how your doing. Love, Lisa Turner

jenflynn said...

Courtney, Todd, and Family!
Wow! What an experience you have had to go though lately, but God only gives stong christians tough tasks to get though. You guys are such an inspiration to Tom and I! Courtney you are an amazing woman with such wonderful children that I have always looked up to you since the day I met you!! My prayers and thoughts are with you each day that you are going though this tough time, but remember you have an amazing family and support system that will bring you to victory!
God Bless and Lots of Love!
Tom and Jen Flynn =)

Suzie said...

Courtney and Todd - Glad to hear that you are keeping your spirits high, and that you got to see all of those kiddos yesterday! We are thinking about you and are holding you guys close to our hearts as you go through this. Know that we love you and are pulling for you! -Suzie, Tom, and the boys

ronflynn said...

Todd and Courtney, I feel terrible about all that you're going through and wish that we lived closer to you guys so we could help out somehow. All I can say is that we love you guys and are praying for you. We'll be checking in every day to see how things are going. Thanks for setting this up so we can keep posted without having to be constantly bugging you. Love, Ron

monkie mama said...

Courtney and Todd, Chris and I were so sad to hear what has been going on with your sweet family lately. You've been in our prayers, and I know so many are praying for you guys right now! Courtney, I miss our mother's lounge rendezvous--I can't believe how big Aidan is now! I'm glad you got to hug those little ones yesterday. Hang in there guys! Heavenly Father is mindful of you and you are so loved. You're such an inspiration yet again! Let us know if we can do anything!

Alicia Wasson

David and Ashley said...

Courtney you are truly one in a million with one in a million experiences, but at least you'll have interesting stories to tell when this is all over. I wish I was there with you guys right now, but I hope you all know that we are only a phone call away and I can be there within 4 hours at any given moment. I love you all so much and I know you will win all of these battles and the war! I am not at all surprised to hear that Kylie is packing like her mom and I just hope Miranda was able to collect all 12 woobies before she left :) Todd, stop squishing the cake...hahaha you will be amazed what other things the drugs will make her say! Have a recorder on hand! We love ya'll and will see you soon!
~Ashley and David

Jenny said...

Courtney, you have been my roll model for the past 3 years and if I know you like I think I do, you will not let this annoyance get you down. I am so glad you've got a rock solid support system, there are so many people who love you and are praying for you! Heavenly Father loves you and I know he's looking over you and your family more intently than ever. Forest and I are thinking of you always.

And for Todd, from the recent experience of my Dad's surgery, I know that very strange things that can come out of someone's mouth after taking many drugs. You might want to write them down, for comic relief later.

With love, Jenny Grabert

Texas Mommy said...

Hey Courtney and Family,
We are all praying for you! I am so glad that your kids were able to see you. This is a great way to keep everyone posted and informed on how you are doing. You are such an example to all of us. Be strong and know that you have a lot of support around you!
The Mathis'

Natalie said...

Todd and Courtney,
We just want you to know that we are pulling for you and you are in our prayers. I'm so glad the kids got to visit yesterday. They sound so strong and will be such a strength for you as you get through this. Courtney, I have felt of your spirit so strong since the day of your wedding in the Salt Lake Temple. Todd, I wish we lived closer,so that we could help you out.
We're thinking of you!!
Greg and Natalie Hoch

Cheryl said...

Just wanted to say Hi and let you know we are thinking of you. Everyone at the preschool is praying for you and send you get well wishes. They are all willing to help in anyway needed.
I know you have the strenghth to be able to endure through this. We are ALL rooting for you.Thank you for setting up the blog. It is nice to know how things are progressing on a daily basis.
We Love and Miss you!
Cheryl, Cobi, Preston & Adyson King

Emily R said...

Hi courtney!!! just wanted to say i think you are amazing!

Debi said...

Hi Courtney & family -
You do not know me but your sister in law, Molly, is a dear friend of mine in NYC. I know this is a terrifically hard time for you but I know with family members like Molly, you have all the love and support in the world to get through this. From what Molly tells me, you've got a young, fighting spirit and I know you will battle through this with flying colors. Your kids must think their mommy is super woman...and I agree! You have all my love and prayers headed your direction! BIG BIG HUG! Debi


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