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taken 8/4/07

Courtney and her kids

Courtney and her kids
taken 8/4/07

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Day 6

It's 4:30. We were hoping to see Dr. Jordan around lunch time. But, it looks like we'll have to wait until 5 or 6:00. Also, the pathology report still hasn't come in. Courtney's nurse said she would show it to us as soon as it did. It seems like all we've been doing is waiting.

Her blood results indicated low plateletts, so she received a unit today. This really won't help her to feel better or be any healthier. It's more precautionary in case she were to get a cut or something.

Her nurse indicated that while Gleevec can be disolved in liquid, it doesn't need to be. She's not sure why there was confusion with the order last night. It looks like she'll just be able to swallow them from here on out. That's good news.

Courtney wanted me to add that she doesn't even know where to begin with regards to "Thank-you's." We're both just overwealmed with all of the support and outpouring of love. Today, a couple of friends from our church brought over a dozen gift bags of items including books, slippers, lotions, journals, puzzle books, gum, crayons, coloring books, etc. The prayers, the messages, the gifts, the visits, the phone calls, and the random acts of kindness and service all truly help to lift the spirits. They're the sugar that's helping the bad medicine go down...literally and figuratively. Again - Thank you, thank you, thank you!


crys said...

I am so glad to hear the news about the type of leukemia. keep trucking and we'll keep praying and hopefully the days will fly by until you can all be together again.

Amy said...

All I can say is we love you Courtney! You have been on my mind all day and that is all I can say! Enjoy your goodies!

Meredith said...

Hi Courtney! Wish I could have come up today with Suzette and Kimberlee but I just haven't been feeling up to it and Sydney's had a little cold so I didn't want to risk passing along those germs if I'm carrying them. I figured you wouldn't mind that! :) I hope all the goodies will keep you busy for awhile and let you know how much we love you and wish you the very BEST!

Kristy said...

Courtney and family, you are in my prayers! I'm sorry I'm so far away in Utah and can't help in other ways, but we'll be thinking of you and praying for you all the time. Thanks for the blog updates, Todd.

Valerie said...

All the outpouring of love just shows you the kind of person Courtney is. She has been so kind to everyone and given so much service that we all want to do the same for her. We love you Courtney!

By the way, she has to be the best visiting teacher ever!

Erin & Brandon said...

Courtney & Todd,
Please, know that you are in our thoughts and more importantly in our prayers. Nothing is too big for our God. We are right next door and are here to serve you - no request is too big or too small. We will pray without ceasing...

Isaiah 41:10
"So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand."

In Him...


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