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taken 8/4/07

Courtney and her kids

Courtney and her kids
taken 8/4/07

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Saturday - Day + 52

I hope the silence on the blog hasn’t worried anyone. My apologies to everyone. Hopefully, you can all assume that “no news is good news” if the posts aren’t as frequent. But I do want to say how much each and every one of your messages, prayers and well wishes have meant to me. THANK YOU!

I guess writing my own update for the very first time was harder than I thought. I am definitely not as eloquent as Todd and I admit that our 8 year old, Kylie, has better typing skills than I do! I am one of those people who “hunt and peck” with two fingers! So, first, I thought I’d share the e-mail that I sent to our families about my clinic visit on Thursday:

Hello Family!

Don’t be too surprised that I am writing my own update! And don’t flip at the time I am writing it! It all comes with good news. The clinic visit went really well. All my counts look great and all in normal range. No procrit shot- red blood cells are good. Dr. V. reduced my steroid again (the steroid is one med that keeps me awake and throws off my sleep schedule—why I am up right now). But she did prescribe a new sleep-aid to get me through the steroid. I should be completely off in about two weeks. So, in a few weeks I will be off a lot of these meds. Great news! The steroid also has the effect of making me hungry all the time! I put almost 5 lbs. on the past week and a half! My favorites right now are bean and cheese tacos from Taco Cabana. So, every week we go to Dallas, we pick up 10 or so tacos to take home. So, to say the least, Dr. V. and her PA, Laura are thrilled. Lots of smiles today. No signs of GVHD, CMV results are negative, IGG are normal and Prograf level results I’ll get tomorrow. The sleep-aid seems to be kicking in. I feel very relaxed now…. Time to catch some Zs.

Every one is doing well. I love my time with the girls and the “beast”. Alissa has been here this week to help. It’s been fun. Todd’s working a ton so I sure miss him during the days. Kind of makes having clinic days nice because we have time together. Dr. V. said she’ll see us next Thursday! That’s all for now.

Love and miss you,


It is hard to believe that I am half way to the big “100 day” milestone. Time has been this complete paradox. Friday, September 21st, the day I was diagnosed with Leukemia-CANCER- was devastating and time and life felt like it just stopped. Well, really only like for 10 minutes, that seemed like forever, and wiping tears from my face I told Todd “O.K. Let’s do this.” And we made the decision where to go for treatment, got up, left this oncologist’s office and headed to the hospital. I don’t remember two-thirds of that time (thanks to wonderful narcotics—I’ll share more of my thoughts on drugs another time). This was a tremendous blessing. To be spared the true concept of time. Time away from my children… but again, I’ll share those thoughts another time.

Then it wasn’t until I left Harris Methodist after completing the Induction Chemotherapy—32 days (in REMISSION!) and was home for a few days, my mind starting to come out of this “medicated head fog” that I read this blog for the first time. I was learning about my own treatment, the ups and downs, and began to understand and learn about AML, but to learn about the overwhelming love and support that was given on my behalf and my family—it was truly humbling. Another thought that I will share later—CHARITY- “the pure love of Jesus Christ” (J0hn 13:34-35).

I feel like there is so much to say. And yet again, TIME is passing and sleep medications are beginning to do their job.

I don’t suppose there was any order to my rambling tonight. Perhaps even a bit confusing. “What exactly is Courtney trying to say?!” Making some of you wonder exactly what kind of drugs the doctors have me on! Only the best!

I promise my postings will somehow unfold in a way that express what my heart has wanted to share with all of you for so long. And if I am not able to find the right words, Todd is right by my side! With love, good night!


Anonymous said...

Courtney, It gave me chills knowing that you wrote your own blog. It brang tears to my eyes knowing that you have been through so much and have come so far. I can't wait to see you on Wed!

Michele Livingston

Meredith said...

Courtney it is FABULOUS to hear a post from you, that is such great news that you are feeling well enough to do so...YAY! :) Hope things will continue to look up for you and hope to see you soon!


Amy said... is such an answer to prayers to have you writing your own feelings. I am so glad things are going better for you. You are always in my prayers sweet Courtney!

Bryner Family said...

Wow, it's so neat to hear from YOU! Glad you're doing so well! I hope to see you soon!

Jenny said...

We both are so glad to hear you are doing so well! We have missed the entire family so much, especially having Aidan singing to us in Nursery. Today we served our very last day, can you believe they are finally releasing us?

We'll pray for your continued success, we can't wait to see your smiling face at Church again!

Marla said...

How great to read a post from you!! I am thrilled to hear you are doing so well and we'd love to see you soon when you're up for it. We still need to get our big ole crews together! Take care!

Anonymous said...

Courtney you are very blessed and along with your families and friends. I have never met you but yet I am drawn to your blog and my prayers always include your family. Take care and THANK YOU for sharing the most scariest time of your life journey.
Rhonda, WI

Emily R said...

so good to hear from you!!! i am so excited to keep reading and hear all your thoughts and reflections on the past few months! hope things keep looking up!

Greg & Natalie Hoch said...

Courtney, We are so happy to hear how well you are doing. We have prayed for you and just loved talking to you a few months ago on the phone. We have been so touched by this blog and it truly has been a blessing in our lives. We love you and Todd!
Greg and Natalie Hoch

Nicole said...

So good to hear your feeling better!!
Bartley and Nicole :)

Leisha said...

Such good news and so good to see you pecking away your own entries! Hooray! Mentioning Taco Cabana made me drool though...I can understand your hunger for those bean and cheese tacos! Yum!

Chelsea said...

It is so great to have you post. I'm a friend of sarah reed's and have been following your battle. We've been praying for you and you are often in our thoughts. I am glad you are really starting to feel better and am SO happy that you are able to be home with your kids now. Being a mom, my heart just hurt that you couldn't be with your kiddos every day! Take care.

Kristy said...

Great to hear from you, Courtney! I'm so glad things are going well for you, and look forward to more Courtney posts!

crys said...

So nice to hear from you. I think you made great sense. I am thinking about you all the time and brag about how fast you went in to remission. Hope to see you soon.

KT said...

Um, I don't actually know you, but I just want to say thank you for giving me some hope. My brother is currently fighting the same fight and reading this post was like getting a ray of sunshine right on my laptop.


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