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taken 8/4/07

Courtney and her kids

Courtney and her kids
taken 8/4/07

Sunday, January 13, 2008

D + 32 - Hoping for better days ahead

The past three days have not been “good” ones for Courtney. In fact, they’ve been downright crummy. I wouldn’t say she’s taken a step back in terms of her progress, but her overall energy level and physical comfort have definitely been on the down side.

Last Thursday’s biopsy went pretty well. The drugs (Versed) still didn’t knock out Courtney as much as she would have liked, but they gave her as much as they could. Apparently she’s really tolerant to the narcotic medications. The nurse who administered the drug said the amount he gave her typically knocks out large men.

Since the middle of last weeks she’s also been feeling some pain under her rib cage that makes it a little hard for her to take deep breaths. They took a chest x-ray just to be safe, and that came back clear. They’re not sure what’s causing the pain, but think it might be due to tension and stress. They advised her to take some pain meds to control it and to call if it got worse.

The main purpose of the biopsy was to check for cancer. Those results should be back within a couple of days. The genetic tests to determine whose cells are multiplying in her bone marrow, hers or Tracy’s, will take up to a week. Again, the goal is to have it all be Tracy’s cells, to mitigate the risk of Leukemic cells returning.

Since Thursday, the pain under her ribs hasn’t improved at all, and her nausea has kept her in bed for the better part of each day. We just realized that it’s been a couple of days since she stopped using a sopolamine patch (the kind you put behind your ear to keep from hurling when you go deep sea fishing). She had been using it since before she left the hospital. Chances are, it was still helping to keep the nausea at bay, so she reapplied one this evening. Hopefully that will help, and tomorrow will be a better day.

We still really believe that most of her discomfort and ill feelings are stemming from the Foscarnet. The last dose of that will be this coming Thursday. And we’re still hoping that that will mark a day when we will really start to see her feeling better both physically and emotionally. The physical discomforts, especially the nausea, really drain her energy and take a toll on her emotionally. Fortunately, her ailments have been discomforts and nothing more. Meaning that she hasn’t had any infections to deal with nor have we seen any outward signs of graft versus host disease (GVHD). Also, her blood counts, especially her WBC’s and neutrophils continue to look really good.

So, we’re happy to see her progress towards that 100th day since the transplant, And while we know that we will likely see her go up and down with regards to how she feels, we wish and pray that she puts these bad days become less frequent and less miserable and soon become a thing of the past.


Amy said...
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Amy said...

Wow ...looking from the title of this post ..I can't believe it has been a whole month since the transplant. So sorry to hear that the nausea hasn't subsided and that you are having that pain under your ribs. Please know that you continue to be prayed for and thought about daily. Kick this in its butt Courtney! I know you can:)

summer said...

you can do it sister! i know that maybe my words dont help, and when i was in the hospital and all, and when people would tell i would be alright, i would smile, but still feel down. my faith wasnt that strong, that everything would be alright. what i am trying to say is that i understand if u feel scared. alone. but u may not feel that way. but if u do, know it is normal. and i am praying that that goes far away! this sucks. but it will end and i love u guys. we may not be as close as your other friends, but i really look up to u. ill be praying and thinking about u guys as always!

Anonymous said...

I know the ups and downs really suck, but it is very normal. Try not to get too discouraged as tomorrow can be a better day - always try to put the bad days behind you and look forward.

I am close to celebrating my 2nd birthday - I received my stem cells on January 25th 2006 - look forward to that day for you!

Still praying,
Lisa Dahlmeier

bartleyandnicole said...

Hi Flynn's! We hope things continue to get better and better for you! You are so strong and have been such a wonderful example! Hang in there! Love, Bartley and Nicole :)


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