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taken 8/4/07

Courtney and her kids

Courtney and her kids
taken 8/4/07

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

D + 27 - Progress - slow but steady

Since leaving the hospital seven days ago, Courtney has steadily gotten better. The stomach pains and nausea have become less frequent and less intense. Her appetite has improved tremendously. And her energy level, while still below a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10, has definitely improved as well.

Last Friday we received great news at the BMT clinic. Courtney's CMV results had come back negative!! This meant that her six hour Foscarnet infusion could be reduced from a twice daily to once daily ordeal. That has been a life saver! It also meant that we could hope for the side effects of the Foscarnet to decrease, which I think we have. And, hopefully, after she's done with the Foscarnet in one more week, most of her problems with appetite and nausea will diminish altogether.

Her CBC's continue to be great! Last Friday, she did get a shot of Procrit because her hemoglobin was a little low, but she hasn't needed any infusions of blood products since leaving the hospital. The interesting thing about the Procrit is that they gave it to her within minutes, unlike the days it took for her to receive the first dose.

Courtney's next BMT visit will be this Thursday and includes a bone marrow biopsy. Not fun, but necessary to chart the progress of the transplant. They will be determining what percent of Courtney's bone marrow is now her sister Tracy's. From what we understand, the less of Courtney's marrow that remains, the better, because it was Courtney's bone marrow that was the source of the leukemia.

So, for now we're waiting. Waiting for the bone marrow biopsy and results. Waiting for the day that Courtney will no longer need to receive Foscarnet. Waiting for Courtney's overall well being to improve so she can start doing what she would like to be doing. Waiting for the D+100 milestone. Waiting for the Neostar to be removed from her chest. And waiting for Courtney's hair to start growing back so she can feel more like her old self again. While we wish these would all come sooner than later, we know that there isn't anything we can do to rush the process. So, we continue to take each day as they come, moving steadily but surely to that not so distant day when we'll be able to use the word, "cured."


Anonymous said...

i am glad she's home. and we too, are praying and waiting for the day we all shout...CURED!!!! hang in there!

comical5 said...

We are so glad that you are starting the new year home with your family. I can't wait to see what your new hair will look like. We will continue to pray that you have as much of Tracy's bone marrow as you possibly can!!
Love -
Luna-Llanes family

Emily R said...

i am so glad she is home, and everything is looking good!!! still in our prayers!

nana1945 said...

Oh Courtney this is such wonderful progress and news! At church last Sunday one of the ladies said, "and how is Courtney doing?" we're still praying for you at St Patrick's every Sunday without fail -- we'll continue to pray for you til this disease is gone and forgotten and then we'll thank God for the healin' -- and God's blessings to your family - what would you do without them and your church family? you hang in there!

amy's mom patty

Jenny said...

I saw Kylie yesterday at Activity Days and Jennie asked everyone to say something they got for Christmas this year and I nearly teared up when Kylie exclaimed exuberantly "My Mommy!". Later they were asked what they were thankful for and Kylie answer was medicine. I think we all share Kylie's appreciation for that! So glad to hear you are doing well, we'll keep praying for more improvements!

Katy said...

Such wonderful news! An answer to thousands of prayers offered on Courtney's behalf.

As a peripheral side note--you sound like a doctor yourself. Perhaps you should audition for a role on one of the many medical shows out there.


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