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taken 8/4/07

Courtney and her kids

Courtney and her kids
taken 8/4/07

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

La Wonder

This is La Wonder. Not many of you have ever met her or maybe hear me talk about her. La Wonder was one of my favorite techs at the BMT Unit at Zale-Lipshy during my long stay there for my bone marrow transplant. I was able to see her this past week after a visit with Dr. V at the BMT clinic. Just by looking at her smile I know that I don't have to tell you the kind of person she is. She ALWAYS had that smile on when she came throughout the day to see me. But don't be too decieved by the dazzling smile and beautiful laughter that came with it. If I even remotely looked like I was sulking in bed she would NOT let me have a pity party. She would be at my bed pushing it up to a seated position and get me up and out. Sometimes like a drill sargent but filled with such compassion. And, boy, did she make me laugh hard. Although I think I kept her entertained when I was loaded up on narcotics... she would walk in and want to know if I had what she called those "margirita eyes" going on. She'd take one look at me and just laugh and know exactly what medication I was on.


Susan said...

You look wonderful, Corky -- and the angel next to you has a wonderful smile. Proud of you every day.
Love you.

AMY said...

I love how God sends angels like her into our life everyday to lift our spirits. What a gift! You are looking fabulous and I loved visiting with you last night!

KELLEY said...

That is a GREAT pic. I am glad you got to see her again!!! Love you!

robinandamelia said...

You look terrific and it's great to hear you are doing so well. I'm not sure where I first heard of you but I've been following you since the start of your journey, and it's wonderful to hear things are great. I participated for the 4th time, in "Light the Night" in Toronto last night, and it's such an important and worthy cause. All the best.

Marla said...

That is a great pic, I'm sure it thrills her to see you looking so beautiful!

Kristy said...

How wonderful! One of the good things about such a hard journey is the amazing people you meet along the way.


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