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taken 8/4/07

Courtney and her kids

Courtney and her kids
taken 8/4/07

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sitting with me...

This is a picture that I have in my bedroom. It was a picture that Todd took of the two of us sitting together during my transplant. You can actually see her blood being transfused into my body.

I see it at different times during the day. It never fails to tug at my emotions - making me stop and ponder what my sister actually did for me. She literally saved my life. Truthfully, though, I really don't need a picture to remind me. Whenever I have my blood drawn or even a tiny paper cut, I'm reminded that the blood is hers. I now, and always will bleed Tracy's blood. Sure, my body produces it. But only because she gave me the seeds, or stem cells, to grow it.

I love you, Tracy.


Anonymous said...

I love you. I have the exact photo, framed in a beautiful frame with the words "expect miracles" above it. You are a miracle. I think back to just about a year ago and all that you have come through ~ it is a miracle.

I love you,

Bryner Family said...

That is an amazing miracle. I'm so glad her sacrifice worked so beautifully! :) Love ya.

Emily R said...

what a great picture. what a miracle. the bond you share must be amazing. so glad you are getting better.

AMY said...

hey you! I love reading about all your gratitude. It is spirit lifting for sure. I miss you and hope all is well with you and the fam.


Susan said...

we are all grateful.

love you, cork-a-lee.


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