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taken 8/4/07

Courtney and her kids

Courtney and her kids
taken 8/4/07

Monday, November 26, 2007


Family. This is what it’s all about – to live, learn and grow with one another. It’s what we’re most thankful for. It’s our reason for being. And each day we have together is a gift to cherish.

We really enjoyed the past week with the girls home from school and Courtney home from the hospital – especially since she’s doing so well. It was great being able to spend so much time together. Like all ‘vacations’, we only wish it could have lasted longer.

Last week my Mom left on Tuesday, so I stayed home Wednesday to help Courtney with the kids. I was able to take them to see the movie Enchanted. I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive, but we all loved it. It would have been a lot better if Courtney could have gone with us, but she still has to be cautious about being in public places. Movie theaters don’t seem like the most sanitary places. Anyway, as much as my masculine side hates to admit it, I highly recommend the movie – just not when the Cowboys are playing.

Courtney’s sister, Susan, arrived on Thursday, just in time to go over to our friends’ home for Thanksgiving dinner. After everything we’ve gone through, and after everything they’ve done for us, it was especially meaningful to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Perkins. They are some of the many people that we could never possibly thank enough for what they’ve done to help us during such a difficult time in our lives. We are truly blessed to not only know them, but to be friends with them.

Friday was when the rest of Courtney’s family arrived: her mom and dad, her sister Tracy and two kids, Alex and Paige, from Italy, her sister Kelley (Susan’s twin) with Jimmy, and her brother Chris with his wife Leticia and their precious girls, Lindsay and Christiana. All in all, we had 18 people in our house for three days. With all of Courtney’s family here, we celebrated Thanksgiving again on Saturday. (Isn’t that why the holiday starts on Thursday – so we can celebrate it for four days?) More great food and great company. It was so much fun to hang out and enjoy everyone’s company. It was awesome seeing Courtney doing so well and in such high spirits. Again, you just want times like these to last for more than just a day or two.

The family picture was taken on Friday morning at our friend Becky Eastman’s home. She has her own studio and always does such a great job with our kids. It was the first time since before Aidan was born that we had our family picture professionally taken. Thank you, Becky, for squeezing us in during such a busy time and for doing such a wonderful job! I told you all that Courtney had a beautiful head!!

Today (Monday), Courtney went to the clinic with Tracy after having to say goodbye to Susan. (Goodbye's are always difficult these days.) Courtney and Tracy both had their blood drawn and both received a clean bill of health. Of course, Courtney’s “clean bill” was relative to her post-chemo condition. She’s still slightly anemic, so she finally got her million dollar Procrit injection. All I can say is it better do something. Oh, and thank you insurance company.

So, despite the crappiness of cancer, we really do have a lot to be thankful for: the love and support of friends and family, remission, a bone marrow match in Tracy, relatively good health, our faith that has helped us through this and our children, who lift our spirits more than anything else and give us something great to wake up to each and every day.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture. You both are such a great inspiration to so many people, including myself. I'm also a young cancer survivor. I admire you're strengh, courage, and your ability to laugh. Laughter is the best medicine. I will always keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful family and so much to be thankful for. The battle is not yet won but in a way it is because it has brought so many people together that is what faith is about. cherish this time and always
God Bless

AP said...

Courtney...I love the way your pictures came out. Thank you for sharing them with us. You are such a perfect example of faith, friendship, and a supporting family. I am extrememly touched by this post in particular. Enjoy your week of busy-ness:)
Always in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

you are the most beatiful woman inside and out!

Kristy said...

Glad you had such a nice Thanksgiving. Becky took a great picture! Courtney, you look gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

You are a beautiful famly. Your faith in God will carry you through this difficult time.
Our prayers are with you everyday.
God Bless

Amber said...

Courtney! You're adorable! You wear bald much better than I did. I can't believe how much Kylie and Miranda have grown. What a cute family you two have! I'm so glad you were able to have a good holiday. It will definitely be one to remember. I love your guts!!! Amber

Bryner Family said...

Yay! I was wanting to see a pic of Courtney's cute melon. That is such a great picture! I'm so glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of friends and family around. Your friends are thankful for YOU! :)

Katy said...

I must say she doesn't just have a beautiful head, she has a perfect head! It's gorgeous! It warmed my heart to see all of you together and happy. I'm glad your Thanksgiving was so full of things to be grateful for. We love you!

And I'm proud of you, Todd, for so willingly taking your girls to a girly movie. You're a good dad.

Valerie said...

Love the new family picture. You have a beautiful family!

Emily R said...

i am sure you will treasure it for YEARS! you look beautiful! all your kids are ADORABLE too!!! you are always in our prayers, and i am SO glad to hear you had a great thanksgiving!!! how fun to have family around! sounds like you had real good visit!

Marla said...

Oh my, what a gorgeous picture, those smiles say it all. I'm so happy y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. As always, our prayers are with you.

And way to go Dad on the chick flick. :)

Love y'all!!

Amy said...

Wow! What an awesome pic. You look amazing Courtney! I'm glad you guys had a nice Thanksgiving and that you were able to enjoy it with your family. Give the kids a kiss for me.
Amy Jaffe

Amie said...

The picture is priceless. Your family is beautiful. Glad to hear that your Thanksgiving was so great. You are in my thoughts and prayers always.

Love Amie Howard

Amy said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers as you head back into the hospital today. Here's hoping the time flies by:)

Marlane said...

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture.

Leisha said...

I love the picture! I think Courtney is starting a fashion trend, I would totally do it if my head were as cute!


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